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Urban Lights NYC
Iconic, timeless and most of all urban, our candles will elevate your love for New York City. Nothing in New York bonds people together in the way the subway does – everyone uses it, everyone has an opinion on their favorite line and everybody has a train station they’re riding towards.
A multitude of commuters create a real and palpable energy of their own. Nowhere is this energy more concentrated than in the warrens of the New York City Subway.
At Urban Lights we believe the iconic subway stations of New York City can become even more beautiful and memorable. This is why we are creating these candles that bring the city lights of the Big Apple into lives of NYC-lovers.
In 2019, Urban Lights began as an experiment in candle-making by next-door neighbors, Elisabetta and Taner, who shared the same passion for candles. They soon found themselves busy in the kitchen of their apartments in Harlem bringing back to life old candle containers and making their own naturally scented candles.
During one of their candle-making home sessions, they were inspired by an old New York City Subway platform pillar that they had found at a local flea market in Brooklyn.
This decorative subway sign of their local 125 Street subway station would become the signature container of an iconic NYC-themed candles collection.