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We believe that sustainability is the future, which is why Urban Lights will only use quality materials that are safely manufactured, clean and slow burning.
Our candles are made from a natural soy blend wax as well as lead-free cotton wicks. The majority of wicks on the market are, unfortunately, still not lead-free, which is a big threat for both the environment and human health. Our wicks will generate a much cleaner burn that lessens smoky residue.
Urban Lights candles are hand-poured in small batches and are made in the USA by an experienced quality candle manufacturer. Our fragrances are also developed by a master perfumer located in the NYC metropolitan area. This has given us the chance to collaborate closely in the development of well-balanced and unique fragrances to capture the most evocative scents of our beloved New York City.
Good Design is Sustainable Design
The quality of intention and the level of attention we are putting into our fragrances and our candle-making process is a craft. This helps us to stay consistent with our brand and positively impacts the power of emotion we aim to deliver to our customers.